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The Latino Nineteenth Century als eBook Downloa...
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The Latino Nineteenth Century:

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Mestizos Come Home!: Making and Claiming Mexica...
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In Mestizos Come Home! author Robert Con Davis-Undiano documents the great awakening of Mexican American and Latino culture since the 1960s that has challenged this omission in collective memory. He maps a new awareness of the United States as intrinsically connected to the broader context of the Americas. At once native and new to the American Southwest, Mexican Americans have ´´come home” in a profound sense: they have reasserted their right to claim that land and U.S. culture as their own.Mestizos Come Home! explores key areas of change that Mexican Americans have brought to the United States. These areas include the recognition of mestizo identity, especially its historical development across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the re-emergence of indigenous relationships to land, and the promotion of Mesoamerican conceptions of the human body. Woven throughout is the search for meaning and understanding of mestizo identity.A large-scale landmark account of Mexican American culture, Mestizos Come Home! shows that mestizos are essential to U.S. national culture. As an argument for social justice and a renewal of America’s democratic ideals, this book marks a historic cultural homecoming.The book is published by University of Oklahoma Press. The audiobook will be published by University Press Audiobooks. 1. Language: English. Narrator: David Angelo. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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